Lynne Marie Rosenberg Reel

Television Reel


Big Smoke, S1 E3

Featuring: Miriam Glaser

HBO’s High Maintenance, Episodes “Matilda” and “Sabrina”

Featuring: John Early, Azhar Khan, Chris Roberti, Ben Sinclair

We Will Be Ephemeral

Lynne Marie Rosenberg as Claire

We Will Be Ephemeral by Mallery Avidon; footage courtesy of Staging Film

Also featuring Jocelyn Kuritsky, Dylan Dawson, and Mike Crane

Cisgender Able-Bodied Straight White Man Song

CastAndLoose Live! Body Language
Joe’s Pub, February 23, 2017
Lyrics by Gordon Leary; Music by Julia Meinwald

Sung by Lynne Marie Rosenberg and Featuring (left to right): Greg Hildreh, Cara Reedy, Pun Bandhu, Aneesh Sheth, Tom Phelan, Maysoon Zayid

ABC’s The Family, Season 1, Episode 8

The Family; Season 1, Episode 8


Toaster Recipient

Naked in a Fishbowl

The Boston Fireman
Summer, 2010

The World’s Most Popular Virus

Original Writing
(c) Lynne Rosenberg
December, 2013

The Tenant

Nan, The Concierge
Woodshed Collective
Fall, 2011

Naked in a Fishbowl

Jean’s Jeans
November, 2010

Naked in a Fishbowl

Wardrobe Malfunction
November, 2010

Maestrosities Pilot

Officer MacDonald
Dir, Morgan Nichols
Spring, 2012

Sockamamy Puppet Webseries

Sweet Victory Entertainment
Tim Mattson, Director
May, 2010

Ghoul Date

Improvised puppet scene, 2007