Dick Pix

“Rosenberg’s deadpan earnestness garners lots of laughs”

Culture Catch (PDF)


“And yet Kitrosser has crafted a remarkably complex work, largely aided by… the tour-de-force performances of Keith Foster and Lynne Rosenberg” (PDF)

Love Machine

“Also impressive is Rosenberg’s portrayal of an android. Her voice and movements had the calculated fluidity of a machine programmed to move in a simulation of grace. One part of the performance involved improvised audience interaction and Rosenberg maintained the persona flawlessly.”

Theater For Nerds (PDF)

The Tenant

“Look for a masterful performance by Lynne Rosenberg as Nan in the role of the Concierge.”

The Examiner (PDF)


“Rosenberg, who plays the self-medicating yuppie lawyer, plays one of the best drunks I’ve ever seen”

Up and Coming Weekly (PDF)

Naked in a Fishbowl

“Buoyed by Rosenberg’s laser wit, Naked in a Fishbowl is a delight.”

Backstage (PDF)

Idols of the King

“Rosenberg plays a showgirl in the “Love Me Tender” segment… As touching as her memories of Elvis are here, she’s even more moving as a waitress with a fatally asthmatic child, Travis…”

Telegram (PDF)

The Boy in the Basement

“A setup potentially rife with opportunity for objection is diffused thanks to the humorous approach of Katharine Heller’s writing, and particularly enhanced by the sharp-as-a-tack repartee shot out from Lynne Rosenberg, as the liberated, sex-positive Clarissa.”

British Theater Guide (PDF)